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    Beit Daniella

    Welcome to Beit Daniella, a recovery day center for youth struggling with mental health issues through connection to nature and animal assisted therapy. 

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    Diaspora Yeshiva

    Located on Jerusalem's Mount Zion, the Diaspora Yeshiva is a residential facility for students all over the world.

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    Ohr Batya

    Check out our pioneer project at the Ohr Batya School located in the Buchari neighborhood of Jerusalem.

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    Ramat HaNegev High School

    In this upcoming project, SUR is making its way to the Negev to plant seeds of sustainability in Ramat HaNegev High School.

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    Shaarei Tzion

    Located in Neve Yakov, the Shaarei Tzion Elementary and Middle School serves socio-economically disadvantaged students.

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