Through our holistic curriculum, students develop a greater understanding of healthy eating as well as the impact of food production on our environment. This venture also promotes a connection to Jewish values by teaching youth participants the value of innovative farming techniques during Shmita, the sabbath year during which agricultural activity is restricted.


Facilities can be placed in middle schools and high schools as well as youth villages and other learning institutions.  A working hydroponic farm can be established in as little as 100 sq. meters.  An actual yield can take as little as six weeks, giving the students an opportunity to learn with each new cycle.  A working facility can become self-sustaining within a year.

StartUpRoots is a nonprofit founded in 2015 with the mission of teaching Israeli children to appreciate the environment, their Judaism and their own self-worth by promoting ingenuity and Jewish tradition through the entrepreneurial venture of hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming is a method of growing plants without the use of soil, so as to reduce the amount of water and pesticides used and eliminate the need for land cultivation.

Through partnerships with Israeli schools and youth villages, Start-Up Roots engages children and allows them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to take part in a sustainable food production project.

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