StartUpRoots focuses on STEM education. By approaching these subjects through our hands-on curriculum, teachers can fully engage their students & create meaningful learning experiences for them.

Biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, botany, life sciences, robotics & coding are just afew of the STEM subjects our curriculuum engages.

  • How Do Plants Grow: A Plant & Its Life Cycle from Seed to Harvest

  • How Can Plants Grow in Just Water: The Hydroponic Ecosystem (replicating nature)

  • What Can You Grow: Vegetable Families & Cultivars

  • Sprouting & Microgreens: What is Photosynthesis

  • Compare & Contrast: An Introduction to Soilless Growing Systems

  • The Chemistry of Water: Macro & Micro Nutrients

  • Impact of Light, Temperature & Humidity

  • Why Soilless Farming? The Impact of What We Eat: Global Problem, Local Solution

DY looking at plants.jpg