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StartUpRoots engages students in authentic experiential learning which connects MOE standards for life sciences with Jewish tradition.  Addressing environmental and health concerns,  students learn biology, chemistry, botany, and physics and the importance of taking responsibility for their health and our environment.

  • How Do Plants Grow: A Plant & Its Life Cycle from Seed to Harvest

  • How Can Plants Grow in Just Water: The Hydroponic Ecosystem (replicating nature)

  • What Can You Grow: Vegetable Families & Cultivars

  • Sprouting & Microgreens: What is Photosynthesis

  • Compare & Contrast: An Introduction to Soilless Growing Systems

  • The Chemistry of Water: Macro & Micro Nutrients

  • Impact of Light, Temperature & Humidity

  • Why Soilless Farming? The Impact of What We Eat: Global Problem, Local Solution

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