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Liberal Arts

StartUpRoots' multi-disciplinary curriculum is designed to help each student to discover, utilize and develop their own strengths and 21st-century skills. The photojournalism curriculum requires students to track the daily progress of their plants and relate it to their own growth processes.  Students learn to write for a variety of purposes, while they build their organizational thinking skills. The Debate program invites students to present their own research-based ideas, listen to the ideas of others, and develop analytical and persuasive skills in the context of public speaking.



  • Who Am I? What are My Roots?

  • Knowing Your Audience

  • Point of View

  • Journal of the Seed Journey

  • Capturing the Data

  • Capturing the Commercial


  • What is Debate

  • Researching a Proposition

  • Argument Literacy: Assertion, Reasoning & Evidence

  • Presentation and Listening Skills

  • Refutation: relevance, significance, reasoning, evidence, turn the argument, false dichotomy

  • Extensions: Learning to Reply and Rehabilitate an Argument

  • Practice Debates

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