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Interact with us!


  • Guys, I don’t see any vegetables on your plates!


  • Because I hate vegetables, Marge!


  • But they're so good for us, Homer!


  • I’m not going to eat them, I want chocolate pudding


  • You know Bart, there are children in Africa that don't even have broccoli to eat, stop being so unappreciative!


  • But they’re such a pain to clean, mom! And they have so many pesticides on them!


  • Gugu dada


  • Not StartUpRoots vegetables, Lisa. No pesticides, easy to clean--and those microgreens are packed with macro and micronutrients and bug free! They don’t have to be cleaned or checked!


  • Micro-what? What do you do with them?


In order to improve our relationship, we decided to start sharing a series of “homemade” interactive posts! Our goal is to see what you think about some subjects, in order to create more informative pieces designed by your doubts and taste! This is just the first one, hope you enjoy it!

To start this new project, we want you to please share your answers and opinions with us down in the comments section! You can answer in English or Portuguese! Let’s join this ride together!

  1. What do you think the expression “food justice” means?

  2. Do you think poverty still has an influence on some people’s relationship with food nowadays? If yes, how?

  3. Do you think it’s necessary to “obligate” children to eat their vegetables during their childhood? Share your own story with us!

  4. What does eating healthy mean to you?

  5. What’s your usual diet?

Sincerely yours,

Lara Sukster, the blogger


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