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The joy of wine

Hello StartUpRooters!

Since the beginning, wine was an imperative part of mostly every happy or important moment in the Jewish life. But why is that? Well, for the ones who don’t know, being happy is a mitsvá from the Torah. This way, in the trees New Year, that is Tu B’Shvat, we don’t drink only one, but four wine/grape juice glasses. Take a look at the right order and it’s amounts of red and white wine/grape juice.

  • First cup: pure white

  • Second cup: pale pink (white, with a drop of red wine/grape juice)

  • Third cup: darker pink (with more red added)

  • Fourth cup: almost totally red (with only a drop of white)

Sincerely yours,

Lara Sukster, the blogger

  • art made by Maia Zilbersztein


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