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Grow by Growing

Changing the world through education

Only 72 years ago, Jews re-established their ancient homeland as a modern state. Challenges in all directions have propelled Israelis into the entrepreneurial landscape, earning the nickname "startup nation". C.E.O and StartUpRoots founder Robin Katz believes that this start-up spirit needs to be harnessed and guided by Jewish values. “Just as roots are essential to plant growth, our historical and cultural roots provide an important guide for our national growth.” StartUpRoots focuses on the Jewish values which address health, environment and social justice. StartUpRoots was launched in 2015, a “shmitta year”. Shmitta is one of the Torah concepts that guides certain farming practices for Jews in Israel to reinforce the awareness of the holiness of the land and the responsibility to take care of ourselves, the land and each other. Safeguarding the restrictions related to in-ground farming, StartUpRoots utilizes soilless farming in a controlled environment and related curriculum to impress upon students healthier ways to take care of themselves, the environment and each other. The StartUpRoots program eliminates the need for chemical pesticides, reduces waste, saves water and makes fresh produce more available, particularly to communities suffering from food insecurity. 2020 continues to present new challenges! With frequent school closures and program uncertainties related to Covid-19, StartUpRoots is now working on distributing home kits to students, engaging them in hands-on learning while they grow a salad bar, herbal enhancements, and healthy food habits at home. If you know someone who might like to engage their child with a StartUpRoots home kit, please let me know! We love to help kids grow by growing!

See Sincerely yours, Lara Sukster, the blogger.


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