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Shaarei Tzion

Located in Neve Yakov, the Shaarei Tzion Elementary and Middle School serves socio-economically disadvantaged students.


Located in Neve Yakov, the Shaar Tzion School serves socio-economically disadvantaged and at-risk students. The Minahelet is amazed at the impact that StartUpRoots' hands-on curriculum has had on the students and teachers. Since 2017 students have been growing their vegetables hydroponically and each year we have worked with the staff to develop additional curricula.  Shaarei Tzion has engaged its students and staff in growing sprouts, leafy greens and microgreens while learning science, health, sustainable entrepreneurship, photojournalism, and how Torah values relate to health, food justice, and concern for the environment. Students can grow 120 leafy greens and herbs per sq. m. With the support of StartUpRoots, Shaarei Tzion is becoming a Ministry of Education Green School, not only learning about sustainability, climate change, and other environmental challenges, but taking action to: raise awareness, reduce the use of single use plastics, improve the community by participating in a cleanup and regeneration of the nearby Flower Sanctuary, grow healthy food, compost, and reduce food waste.  Teachers love the professional workshops and the students love the experiential learning. 

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