Shaarei Tzion 

Located in Neve Yakov, the Shaar Tzion School serves socio-economically disadvantaged students. The Minahelet is amazed at the impact that StartUpRoots' hands-on curriculum has had on the students. Now in our third year, students are growing 120 leafy green vegetables per meter as well as sprouts and microgreens. As a result of entrepreneurship lessons, they created and marketed a green drink to their peers.

This year a new PAMM system has been set up. allowing the girls to harvest crops weekly. StartUpRoots's curriculum is being utilized by the 6th-grade class,

Learning both about the sciences involved in hydroponics, monitoring water quality, pH and EC', and Jewish tradition, the commandments of shmitta, tithing and staying healthy.

many crops have been grown and harvested the students are very proud of the vegetables they grew and could not wait to take them home and show their families.

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