Ulpanat Amana Project

Ulpanat Amana is a Bnei Akiva girls school that absorbs Olim originating anywhere from America to Ethiopia, while also servicing a native Israeli population. Because of their particular educational and language needs, during most of the school day the students are separated by national origin. StartUpRoots offers a unique hands-on project which enables the students not only to work together as a team but to learn about health, nutrition, entrepreneurship and sustainability -- subjects of common interest that are not addressed in the school's curriculum. 

Amana has a large piece of unused land and a serious need for fresh produce on the daily menu -- a perfect combination for a StartUpRoots program. A greenhouse, hydroponic equipment and educational support will cost 350,000 nis at the outset but has the potential to become self-sustaining within the first three years. 

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