Our Team

C.E.O., Founder
Ph.D, Data Management
Education Chair
Co-Founder, Agriculture, Horticulture, Torah, At-Risk Youth
Rosh Eretz, Chemda Kollel
Phd., MBA
Urban Agriculture Consultant and Instructor
Clinical Nutritionist
M.Sc. Chemistry
Raw Food Specialist,
​Former Head Chef Alumot
Commercial Photographer,
Internationally published
​Halachic Expert
Detoxification Specialist, Raw Nutritionist, Health Educator
Certified Chef, French Culinary Institute, Macrobiotic Chef for Healing
Esq. Environmental Law
Volunteer Resource Development
Financial Advisor, Urban Initiatives
M.B.A., C.P.A
Amuta Treasurer, Torah and Science Scholar, Artist
Amuta Secretary, Businessman
Integral Hydroponics
Zalmanson Fertilizers
American Registered Nutritionist and American Educational Liaison
Artist and Award-Winning Graphic Designer
M.Sc. Agriculture, Certified Teacher
B.A. in Environmental Sociology
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