Hamifal Children's Home Project

The Hamifal Village in Ness Tziona was opened in 1977 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for children who were removed from their homes by court order. The Children's Village fosters its 98 children (aged 6-18) in family units designed to function as a traditional family. The children have breakfast and dinner at home with their 11 foster siblings and parents. During the day the children attend a variety of schools in the community and return in the afternoon for communal lunch and enrichment activities. Hamifal would like to engage its residents in hands-on, hydroponic farming as a growth experience for the students, while reducing costs and enhancing the quality of their food. 

In order to complete this project, SUR needs to raise half the cost of a hydroponic farm facility (50,000 nis/$14,000) plus educational support and materials (60,000 nis/$16,500). 

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