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  • Wine: Red, white, and everything in between.

  • Fruits and nuts with hard, inedible exteriors and soft edible insides, such as oranges, bananas, walnuts, and pistachios.

  • Fruits and nuts with soft exteriors, but with a hard pit inside, such as datesapricotsolives.


  • Fruit that is eaten whole, such as figs and berries.


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Our Mission
StartUpRoots empowers students to develop their potential and challenges them to build a more equitable and sustainable future by providing a platform for growing food, ideas, and responsibility for the earth’s limited resources.    
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Meet The Team

Robin Katz, Esq.
C.E.O., Founder
Aliza Heching, Ph.D.
C.O.O, Operations Research
Keren Davidoff, M.Sc.
C.C.O (Curriculum)
Allen Selis, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Sharon Berezin Alves
Adam Kaplan, M.B.A.
Financial Analyst
Yaron Penn, Ph.D.
Aeroponics Advisor
Amit Gross, Ph.D.
Water and Environmental Specialist
Elaine Solowey, Ph.D.
Medicinal Herbs Specialist
Miki Volokita, Ph.D.
Pesticide Specialist
Evyatar Erell, Ph.D.
Advisory Board Member
Moran Segoli, Ph.D.
Advisory Board Member
Alex Cicelesky, M.Sc.
Ecology Education Advisor
Clarite Azerraf
M.B.A, Ph.D.
Chanah Auerbach
Raw Food Specialist, ​Former Head Chef Alumot
Ronit Rommy
M.Sc. Chemistry
Estee Kreisman
Artist and Award-Winning Graphic Designer
Max Richardson
Commercial Photographer, Internationally renowned
Chava Neshoma Lustig
M.B.A., C.P.A.
Shari Jacobs
American Registered Nutritionist and American Educational Liaison
Douglas Jaffe
Amuta Secretary, Board Member
Rav Yitzchak Steinberg
Rosh Eretz Chemda Kollel
Tamar Schriger
Clinical Nutritionist
Rav Shmuel Silinsky
Co-Founder, Agriculture, Horticulture, Torah, At-Risk Youth
Jacob Matar
Amuta Treasurer, Torah and Science Scholar, Artist
Rav Zechariah Kaplan
Halachic Expert
Jacob Schonzeit
Board Member
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Educational Videos

Brought to you by Integral Hydroponics, this animated video series gives Hebrew instruction on the basics of hydroponic farming! 
In this Edible Education video, through Chef Raw Raw, Chanah Auerbach teaches us how to prepare delicious microgreens!


Esther Ben Chaim, Principal (Minahelet)

Ohr Batya School

Raw Food Chef Chanah Auerbach

Ohr Batya School

Ohr Batya Agriculture Teacher

Morah Shulamit Explains the Impact of the Project on the Students

Ohr Batya Agriculture Teacher

Morah Shulamit Explains the life lessons learned  from Hydroponic Farming


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Advisory Board Member